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Important news briefs:

  • May 2017 : Sophia celebrated its twentieth year of existence at the Restaurant "Pigeon Noir" on the 10th mai 2017
  • September 2015 : September 2015: Sophia reorganised all its belgian activities in the Sophia Belgium company and deleted all the 4 subsidiaries (Management, Engineering, Consulting and Environment).
  • May 2012 : Sophia has sold 25% of his shares in Sophia Audit to Socotec International.
  • 2011, Sophia was licencied for BREEAM International Assessor for Industrial, Offices Retail and Bespoke Schemes projects.
  • December 2011: SOPHIA Environment received a grant from The Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (Innoviris) aiming at the development of a global assessment tool for new real estate based on economical, social and environmental criteria. 
  • February 1st 2011, Green Value trade mark has been launched in partnership between SOPHIA Environment, Steps, and XCO. Under this label, the partners will provide to any customers an integrated experienced approach to promote certified long term sustainable buildings.
  • Since January 1st, 2011, SOPHIA Environment had acquired Green Value s.a., a subsidiary of GVA Finance dedicated to sustainability and to promote certified long term sustainable buildings.
  • January, 2011: Socotec International has acquired 75% stake in SOPHIA Audit and took back the entire rights of the KMIS software.
  • Integration of Sicabel December 2010. Since December 2010 Sicabel joined SOPHIA Group. This company led by Bernard Cartier offers a full of services for Corporate Real estate Consulting. Its professionals are dedicated to Programming, Project Management, Space planning, Moving and Fitting.
  • September 2010: SOPHIA is present in the Entrepreneurs’ and Architects’ group (COBATY) at Shanghai.
  • February, 2010: SOPHIA is awarded the facility management contract for the Finance Tower in Brussels
  • November, 2009: SOPHIA presents the framework of its future Investment Fund at the Energy Forum.
  • September, 2009: SOPHIA is awarded the dispatching contract for the European Parliament.
  • SOPHIA has celebrated its tenth anniversary on the 29 May 2008. The event took place at Knal in Brussels and was attended by Evelyne HUYTEBROECK, Minister of Energy and Environment of the Brussels Region. Mrs HUYTEBROECK mentioned the policy of the Region towards sustainability in real estate projects. Click here to see the pictures.
  • January, 2008: gathering of the different group subsidiaries under the SOPHIA quality label in view to sharing a common identity.
  • In 2007, SOPHIA celebrated a decade since its founding by crossing the 2 million mark in consolidated turnover.
  • In 2006, SOPHIA won a five-year contract for the management of technical dispatching for the European Commission. At 86 Rue de la Loi, SOPHIA put in place a team of seven technicians which is on call 24/7 year round.
  • Distribution contract of the FMUP platform with the NEXITY Group: In 2006, SOPHIA Management signed a distribution agreement for the complete FMUP Internet portal facilities services (dealing with management of caller response, maintenance management, document management). It was implemented at the Federal Finance Administration of Brussels to manage the entire building complex.
  • Marketing of the KMIS tool: in 2006 SOPHIA Audit began marketing its proprietary KMIS tool (Key Maintenance Indicators System) for the technical management of real estate wealth (evaluation of proper functioning and maintenance, investment budgets, management of maintenance contracts, etc.)