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Useful Links

Ori This is an organisation which represents the interests of consultant engineers and design offices in the construction sector in Belgium.

Ifma IFMA and the IFMA Foundation are currently working on the development of a series of “how-to” guides that will help educate facility management and other professionals with similar interests on a wide variety of topics.

Bemas This is an association which brings together, provides advice and training for professionals in the maintenance and management of technical equipment in Belgium.

Ipi This is the grouping of the estate agents in Belgium.

Upsi-Bvs This is the professional union of the real estate sector which brings together the real estate developers, investors in Belgium in order to advise and represent them in their contacts with the federal, public and European.

Wtc The association of WORLD TRADE CENTERS with its head office in New York, is, today, one of the premier global organisations serving a network of some 500.000 companies spread over more than 300 WTCs established in about a hundred countries. In Brussels, the capital of Europe, the World Trade Center Association, is an important meeting point which brings together leaders of industry, business men and women and heads of official organisations.

Cobaty Urban planning, architecture and construction sector in Belgium.

Cesit An exchange platform and work group towards third paries, mainly informing about operations in IT and telecom centres.

Belesco Belgian Energy Service Company (ESCO) association. This organization gathers the main actors in Energy Performance contracting and third party financing sectors.

Belesco Annuaire des Managers Belges.

Immobilier et Services Magazine du Facility et du Property Management.
Business Building Association Networking club